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"We care for your life" January 14, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in humor, life, politics, reminisces-2000.

This picture shot by Rajaram on June 21st, 2004 at the Biwi ka Makbara at Aurangabad in the middle of one of the best trips/vacations I ever took has an interesting inspiration. (An extremely short description of the vacation ( June 19-June 30th) is as below from a mail I wrote to my school buddies soon after the trip. ). If you have been into Indian photography or into a certain Indian politicians you would likely know. [ You will have to notice this picture rather carefully – I mean, read what the notice says. ]

Several years ago I had seen a picture that had a similar message, except that it was Jawaharlal Nehru posing. I in fact remember telling Rajaram about this justifying the need for such insolence and the pictorial evidence of it. I couldn’t recall what exactly Nehru’s picture was. I first thought he was standing next to a board called “Not drinking water” while drinking it. Several google searches for that failed. I then thought he was for picking a flower in a park while standing by a board that carries a prohibition notice. Failed to find that picture either.

Finally, I found it ! A rather poor resolution, but should you expand it, you get the message.

This picture was shot by one of India’s best known photographers and certainly best known lady photographer – Homai Vyarawalla. In an interview, Homai says that this is her favorite picture. I havent ofcourse seen all her pictures, but yes, this is certainly a lovely one. ( even if it makes Nehru look blind 🙂 ).

As an aside I am impressed to see what the board in the first picture says – “We care for your life. Please do not sit on the stone railing”. For it were somewhere here, it would read more like – “Under no circumstances shall the XXXX be responsible for any loss including but not limited to life, property – material or immaterial, past or present. All consequences of the act of maintaining direct contact shall rest with the individual(s) concerned.”

That photograph wouldn’t be as exciting to pose for, or shoot :).



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