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Passage to India January 14, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in America, india, life.

A little short story here about a woman’s search for an ideal man for her cousin.

For many months after my father and I gave up matchmaking, I felt guilty about our failure. Recently I’ve begun to feel guilty about the attempt. I hear there are several suitors in India who are interested in Neet, but she’s still in no hurry to be married, or to otherwise sort out her future. Maybe we were wrong to think that she should be, or to think that we knew what was best for her.

I suppose all I really wanted was to see my cousin in more secure circumstances. It’s mere chance, after all, that she’s there and I’m here; that she has one kind of life and I another; that opportunities I take for granted are beyond her reach. I’m not saying that one situation is better than the other. But I’m not denying it either.



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