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Marriages and profession – II January 11, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in humor, life.

In my previous post I talked about looking for data/evidence showing and demonstrating why doctors are more likely to marry doctors ( if they indeed do ) than say teachers marrying teachers etc. following a discussion with my doctor friend.

Source 1 :

Nearly half of all new physicians are women, and traditionally half of women doctors have married other doctors, forming a union called colloquially an “MD2” (MD-squared). If the pattern continues, half of all physicians soon will be married to physicians. Among MD2s, however, women differed greatly from men: they worked fewer hours on average, earned less money, and more often were primary or equal caregivers to their children. Women MD2s were also more likely to arrange their work schedules to care for their children and were less likely than men to report success in achieving career goals.

Nonetheless, both men and women MD2s enjoyed many advantages, compared to doctors whose spouses were not physicians. Their family incomes were substantially higher than the family incomes of other physicians (70 percent of MD2 households earned more than $200,000 compared to 47 percent of other doctors’ households), they more often benefited from sharing professional interests with their spouses, and more often felt their spouses’ careers were successful. Moreover, MD2s achieved career and family goals as often as doctors who married non-physicians, and they experienced conflict between their professional and family roles no more frequently than did other doctors.

Source 2 : A medical student says – Don’t marry me, I’m a doctor

Source 3 : There is even a movie called “I married a doctor“.

Source 4 : And another called “Doctors Should Never Marry.”

And finally according to 43things.com, there are atleast 12 people in the world who want to marry a doctor :). Actually, make that 13 – I must email him this link. Oops. Its 14, Sadiq included.



1. Ranjeeth Shetty - January 11, 2007

Hi Sharath,

Are the same true for other profession as well? I believe that they must be…

That make ones life easy… Also, complicated…

Easy both feel the viberation of profession and could be in sync…

Complicated when sprouse is taken for granted…

In the long run it doesn’t matter at all…

2. Sharath Rao - January 13, 2007

Yeah Ranjeeth, I agree to a certain extent….except I also feel that allowing for diversity may make for a richer experience 🙂

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