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Marriages and profession – I January 11, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in economics, life.

The NYTimes says that the future of economics isn’t so dismal and lists 13 stars in the making.

So before this year’s conference, I did an informal poll of about 20 senior economists around the country and asked a single question: who are the young (untenured) economists doing work that is both highly respected among experts and relevant to the rest of us? Who, in other words, is the future of economics?

The most interesting part though is this –

In fact, the least diverse aspect of the list of 13 — the full roster appears above — may be the way that its members have chosen their mates. Six of them are married to another person in the group.

Spare a thought for the kids and their dinner table conversations. How exciting !

On the sidelines, Sadiq tells me that doctors prefer to ( and more often than not ) get married to doctors because they understand each other’s needs and compulsions. I have heard this before but I want to know if this is merely a myth or there is data to support this or if its a self-fulfilling prophecy. In other words, doctors seldom go in for “inter-profession marriage”, if such a word exists. And if so, what makes doctors special I asked. “They have weird schedules”, he says. What about nurses then who also have weird schedules. Why not teachers, carpenters ? Okay, thats a long shot, I haven’t heard of a lady carpenter…not in India atleast. ( But I want to meet one before I die ( doesnt mean I will die soon after I meet one !) ). Well, why not other professions where men and women are in approximately equal number ( actually there aren’t many ). I searched the net for data but couldn’t find anything to support this hypothesis.

Update 1: I did find data. See next post.

Update 2: Kudos women ! I found a British company all of whose employees are lady carpenters. They haven’t mentioned the professions of their spouses though. 🙂



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