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Back to India stuff January 10, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in America, contemplation, india.
The Indian Express frontpage has a rather poorly written article on the dilemmas that the NRIs face with respect to returning to India.

I searched for “NRI dilemma” on google and found these articles written ( both written by the same person ) , a non-journalist who puts it all very well.

Not that good.

Not at all that bad.



1. Ranjeeth Shetty - January 10, 2007

Hi Sharath,

Very Poorly written article indeed…

During my childhood I always wondered “How could a person leave his motherland in search of neverlands?” The answer to which I would get when I start to work in India.

The way an employee is treated by his manager is really bad. They rarely belive us to be human. Being Punctual is a crime. You are appreciated for wrong reasons…

For instance I have a bad review, since I was not available in the office after 7 in the evening. The issue raised was “I am here is till 10 how come you leave by 6”

Nothing has changed. Very few in India appreciate professionalism. The only rule is “the rule of the jungle”… The best actor wins…

60 years after independence the slave in us, don’t alow us to feel free…

More so now I appreciate people who leave India. In west people appreciate you personal time.

I have worked with couple of foriegn Manager as well as Indian. Though it is a drop in ocean, but still is applies for 60% of cases and even more…

Why do you have to work in India?

2. Sharath Rao - January 17, 2007

While the fact that I havent ever spent time in corporate india doesnt give me strong grounds to make a comment here, yeah I have heard so much from people and besides my dad worked for a central govt. institution, i have some idea about how things are….

poor work ethic at work in India ( esp. so at govt. insti. ) is open secret…

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