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Deaths in War January 7, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in America, politics.

Forget about the politics of it for a moment and take it just for a fact. This is quite astonishing – stuff I didnt know.

a) 618,000 Americans died in the American Civil War.

b) 118,000 Americans died in WW I. I thought they entered the war rather late, compared to say WW II where they lost 450,000 people.

Ofcourse, 118,000 is only slightly more than the 90,000 India lost fighting on the British side.



1. Somayaji Ravi - January 7, 2007


talks about a different kind of war which involves death of Americans! Why was there an American Civil war?

2. Sharath Rao - January 7, 2007

thats cos terrorists have a human face whereas peanuts dont…they have no intentions..they dont fight back harder than we fight to supress their influence. 🙂

read this amazing article for more –

in short, civil war gotta do with slavery mostly..one side ( lincoln ) didnt want it ..whereas the other did.

read more here..


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