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To you, Harmy January 4, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in humor, sport.

Does the following argument make sense to you ?

Just because I am bad you are telling me that I am bad. If I were good, you would not be telling me I am bad. Therefore, you should not tell me I am bad.

Turns out an English cricketer said just that. And Tim rips him for that. I wrote about Tim here before. His latest article further stands out as an example of deadpan humor and satire.

You’d never catch an Australian player giving an interview so doltish and doleful. Then again, this is also the man quoted a couple of days ago by my esteemed Guardian colleague, Richard Williams, as saying: ‘The only reason why people are saying all these things about under-preparation and loss of team spirit is because we’re 4-0 down. If we were 4-0 up they wouldn’t be saying any of it.’ Well, yes, and were I Harmy’s height, noone would call me ‘Shorty’.

The English genius being talked here is Steve Harmisson. How cute, Harmy ! Let me hereby nominate you for the foot in the mouth award.



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