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Real mess and virtual order January 4, 2007

Posted by Sharath Rao in blogging, humor.

I dont know if its universally agreed upon, but to me atleast its much easier to organize ( read “clean up” ) one’s virtual world than the real one. By virtual I mean the inbox, the computer, organize what you read online, save, catalogue and retrieve, periodically trash things that appear to be of low/no utility. Perhaps for this reason ( or out of what could be just another whim), I am more obsessed about getting this right so much so that I will spend an entire day sorting mails into folders or sorting mp3 songs by their decade/singer/music director [ see pic below ] while sitting on the floor in a room that looks like this. [ actually that picture is an exaggeration because I was packing up to leave ]

[ Real mess – my bedroom in days leading up to my departure from Boston to Pittsburgh ]
[ You dont have to see the larger version by clicking on the picture ]

Recently I took another towards virtual order when I signed up for delicious bookmarks ; a social bookmarking tool, something I have had for 2 years but that ended up being a tool I never used. [ Educate yourself more here if aren’t familiar but intend to be. ]

Virtual order – [ Songs catalogue – Please click for larger version ]

Of the tens of articles I read/videos I watch every now and then, I will bookmark them all and make them publicly viewable through delicious. The collection is slowly starting to build up. This will substitute well for previous version of the article archive – thebroadcaster blog – which, for all practical purposes has seen its last post last September.

On this blog, I am able to link and comment on only a fraction of material I gobble and for everything else, I am leaving a link to the delicious archive on this blog.

May the power of virtual order be with you 🙂



1. Deepak Krishnan - January 4, 2007

screw virtual order man, its the real you that matters!!!

2. Sharath Rao - January 4, 2007

I know man – I dont have to tell you that the whole thing is a tongue-in-cheek post 🙂

btw, try deleting a mail you really needed and face the consequences ;).

3. achala - January 4, 2007

Seeing your virtual order reminded me – I should get cracking at mine – as soon as I find out which song goes in which era… which I’ll probably do before next year.

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