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Right moves, wrong moves December 26, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in humor.

I moved from Boston, where I was from Sep 2004 to May 2005 to Pittsburgh, where I have been ever since.

And now I read this.

Pittsburgh may be the best place in the world to watch a football game, but it’s the worst place in America to be stuck with a lonely heart. The Steel City is unforgiving to the unattached, coming near the bottom of all of the criteria we used to rank the best cities for singles.

Then I read this,

Boston must have found a shamrock somewhere. The New England Patriots won the Super Bowl in a stunning upset. Ally McBeal is finally going off the air after several lackluster seasons. And Boston has won our annual survey of the Best Places To Be Single in America, vaulting 16 spots to beat out other hot spots like Austin, Texas, and last year’s winner, Washington, D.C.



1. Somayaji Ravi - December 27, 2006

you have an entire world fan followin!! But ya, I agree its conscientiously hard to stay in a place which is statistically proven to be a “Dry single’s city” 😛

2. Sharath Rao - December 27, 2006

{bows humbly}

You know that was a tongue-in-cheek post 😀

Its not like I was even quarter way into accomplishing something in boston 🙂

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