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Moratorium on moratoriums :) December 22, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in blogging, humor.

You know what, I am going turn my moratorium on its head. I am going to link to as many external links as possible. Some catharsis that !

The original purpose of the self-imposed moratorium was to post some real posts, letters as the blog sub-title says. I have no classes to attend ( but also lots of work ) until Jan 15th and I thought I would use this time to put several things down here. But no, its just not working. And my friends ( especially one of them ) will attest to my extraordinary inability to adhere ( or ability to in-adhere ) to these moratoriums, especially the publicized ones.

And the last thing to do is to “stay the course” šŸ™‚ – in a somewhat lighter vein, one of the tenets of my religion ( Bayesianism) is to update beliefs ( and hopefully actions ) based on evidence. In other words, Bayesianism loosely, is a religion that has no beliefs, other than that supported by data/evidence. In more layman terms, if Bush were a Bayesian, he wouldnt march into Iraq. If he became a Bayesian after marching into Iraq, he would admit that staying the course is not the best thing to do.

No more moratoriums !

Disclaimer : I have never used and may never again the word “in-adhere” again.



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