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Question December 20, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in America.

Someone I know is considering getting married to someone he knows who is 2 years older than him. I understand that among the blog readers there are single (and looking/not looking) men, single (and looking/not looking) women, married women. What do you think ? What are the pros and cons and caveats and warnings ?

Seriously assure you its not me I am talking about.



1. Sadiq - December 20, 2006

Although, it is not very rare in a country like america, but due to the huge difference in maturity levels, it will be quite a task to be able to adjust, and to balance out various issues in such a marriage. And, it cannot be a mere co-incidence that a majority donot belong to this category. So this probably isnt the safest thing to do !

2. Deepak Krishnan - December 20, 2006

accepted nowadays man!!!

3. aquarianalien - December 21, 2006

i’d tell him to go for it :)….if he feels she is THE ONE, and the only barrier between them is age ..I prefer some one who is more mature than I am on most levels..but i’ve figured out that age doesn’t necessarily equate to maturity!!!

4. Somayaji Ravi - December 23, 2006

Social hiccups are unavoidable, but such an urge isn’t new. Ideally speakin, in non-feminist but equilatarian terms, age shouldn’t be a factor for a marriage, and moreover there are numerous advantages!
Its a must go! positive

5. Sharath Rao - December 26, 2006

thanks DK, Sadiq, Natasha, Ravi.

Ravi, what you mean by positives man ? Care to list some 🙂

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