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More cake walks December 13, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in life.

Biology is the in-thing. Thats human blood !

Its a little bit weird. Probably the time of the year – baked 3 cakes in 10 days. As a matter of idle coincidence I happened to have shot pictures of that as well. Let me indulge a bit and put them up.

But actually think about it – is there anyone out there who has the pictures of the first 3 cakes she/he ever baked !

For a change, the first picture is the cake ( Red Velvet flavor ) in preparation – to satiate the inner blood-thirst in us :). The second picture ( the third cake ever ) turned out the best. Its called classic white cake. I can vouch for the classic part.

Actually Sadiq went out and bought 2 more packets of cake mix. Sorry, more pictures will follow until there is an explicit request :).

Oh, by the way, for late arrivals, the picture of the first ever is here. ( Chocolate thats )



1. Achala - December 14, 2006

The first pic made me lose my appetite, the second one brought it back. 🙂

I’ve never seen a red cake before. What does a finished one look like?

2. Somayaji Ravi - December 23, 2006

were you painting your house with the cake mixture dude?? 😛

3. Sharath Rao - December 26, 2006


thats to paint a contrast rather :p between the dough and the cake.

If you ever visited a soap factory, you wouldnt use one again trust me.

behind the scenes ..dirty stuff :p

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