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Indian doctors in America December 10, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in india.

Shashi Tharoor revives the brain drain debate, this time with Indian doctors.

Under U.S. immigration rules, a foreign doctor — even if he completes his medical schooling in the U.S., or does an internship or residency at an American hospital — is obliged to return to his homeland for a period of at least two years before he can seek employment in the U.S. There is, however, an exception built into the law. The U.S. Federal Government has designated 2100 areas, mostly impoverished districts at the nadir of the economic recession, as “medically under-served”. If a foreign doctor agrees to work in one of these areas, the standard requirement, of two years outside the U.S. before working here, is lifted. The much sought-after “green card”, entitling the doctor to permanent residence in the U.S., is just a few prescriptions away.

This is particularly relevant to my situation since my high school buddy Dr. Sadiq Sherieef is here in the US attending interviews to qualify for the residency program.

Although I more than recognize the issue as I wrote before, I will not jump to conclusions right here, right now. In the meantime I will leave Mr. Tharoor to read his weekly quota of hate mails.

Update : Sadiq confirms that the above paragraph I quoted from Tharoor is incomplete. Restrictions mentioned above dont apply only for J-1 visa holders ( in the range of 30%).



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