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Assorted links December 10, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in assorted, movies, politics, science, sport.

1. Now and then these few unbelievable things hit you and make you think the unthinkable.

He is able to tell the kind of shot from the sound made by the ball on the bat. He can also tell the bowler by the way he lands his feet on the deck. The technique applies to the batsmen, too: “When a batsman hits through the off side, the ball makes a sharp cracking sound. When he plays leg it’s a bit muffled because he is playing off his pads. I can tell when a bowler bowls a yorker from the way the batsman jams down the wicket.”

Yes, that is a man born blind, a Cricket commentator on TV.

2. Quite a frequent occurence perhaps.

“Is that Dr. Nene?”


“Are you the same Dr Shriram Nene who married Madhuri Dixit last month?”


But when he was told that the call was a request for an interview, his tone suddenly changed. He seemed uncomfortable.

“Can we talk later?” he said, sounding unsure. “The hospital is beeping me. Can I call you back later.”

He took the phone number down and seemed in real rush.

“Look, I really have to go. The hospital is beeping me again.”

3. Have you heard of the Godwin’s Law.

4. Photographs of an execution whose anonymous cameraman’s identity is only now revealed.

5. Everybody is basically overrated !

For the researchers showed 123 men and 159 women photographs of students of the opposite sex and asked them to rate the students as prospective sexual or long-term partners. They then showed the same photographs to members of the same sex and asked them to assess how attractive those people would be to members of the opposite sex.

On average, men rated other men a third higher than women did. Women rated other women a quarter higher than men did.

Again, this is just a study, so I am skeptical about it. ( not necessarily because of the content of the study on which I have no informed opinion. )



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