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If you prove us wrong…. December 9, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in America, ideas.

…we will give you the highest reward.”

Thats the way Science works. Think about it, its not always true of other spheres in life.

And thats what she says with an eloquence I have seldom seen before. Watch the video. If you are a devoutly religious, its likely you will find it offensive. Skip to 2:30 seconds point and go all the way to the end to hear about why she thinks science is as much if not more about humility as religion is claimed to be.

There is nothing pompous there and the brilliance really is what she says, not merely in how she expresses it. Listen. Ann Druyan is an astronomer, wife of Carl Sagan and I think astronomers have most reason to feel humble about the world. That is their day job – to look at the world that is larger than our immediate affairs, study distant phenomenon that most likely have no direct bearing on our immediate, medium term and long-term goals ; nevertheless, a study of fundamental truths of nature.

More on just how commentaries on astronomy can be fascinating, how they make you think things you never thought before, numbers larger or smaller than you imagined, watch the video here by the legendary physicist, David Deutsch. A mind-altering experience.



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