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The mind cannot foresee its own advance December 7, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in economics, humor, statistics.


Two of my favorite people – one for her exotic looks and other for his exotic ideas. In particular I like the last of the seven comparisons. Ofcourse the scoring assumes that all factors are equally important. I can imagine people who wouldnt give a damn about one or more of them.

Thanks to Amit Verma for the pointer.

2. A dream come true. Dream startup, somebody just stole my idea !!

3. Some ways to compute your OIF – Orkut Indulgence Factor.

How many of your friends have more than you ?

where X could be – 1. Scraps ; 2. Friends ; 3. Scraps/Friends ratio

You could ofcourse compare with respect to the average number of X that all orkut users have.



1. tpraja - December 7, 2006

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