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Procrastination, Cultural relativism and Bollywood December 5, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in economics, india, life, rant.

Perhaps they should have been taxed for having written this. Fortunately I am a reverse procrastinator and I have no problems with these issues. It is procrastination which I put off, not work.

Says Tyler Cowen.

I know its all about a change in attitude – it requires no capital expenditure, no fund raising, no personnel management. Yet at the moment what I want to be doing ( at work ) is being procrastinated until the end of this ( and the next ) post. I will, like most people end up procrastinating reverse procrastination as Tyler defines it.


Its an old debate on a new blog but I will find time to read the entire article. For now I just scrolled down to the paragraph on India. Linked in from Bryan Kaplan who doesnt quite agree with the above article. His thought experiments ( or for that matter, thought experiments in general ) I find quite interesting.

My main complaint about Harrison is that he focuses too much on personal culture (work ethic, emphasis on education, family values) rather than political culture (support for the free market, openness to the world economy, etc.) When you look at the success of Jews or Japanese in the U.S., it’s hard not give Jewish and Japanese culture a fair share of the credit. But by international standards, these cultural premia are small: Jews make about 70% more than the average American, and Japanese make about 30% more. This is nothing compared to the 7000% (!) premium Americans in America make compared to Somalians in Somalia.

How much of these is personal culture, and how much is political? Simple test: Move a random Somalian to the U.S. He won’t earn the American average, but he can expect his income to rise twenty times. On the other hand, imagine instilling an American ethos in a random Somalian in Somalia. He’d be relatively successful, but it would be surprising if this did more than triple his income.

3. Amit Varma sometimes has some serious posts that are something other than juvenile/insipid humor which I admit are sometimes effective in getting the point across. [ I remind myself though that “sometimes” is essentially

4. If you pretty much cant stand modern Bollywood, you will love this.



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