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Professing ignorance December 4, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in general, life, science.

I didnt know that :

In Iraq, as in much of the region, nearly half of all married couples are first or second cousins to each other. A 1986 study of 4,500 married hospital patients and staff in Baghdad found that 46% were wed to a first or second cousin, while a smaller 1989 survey found 53% were “consanguineously” married. ..

and that one of the possible consequences could be :

Muslim countries are usually known for warm, devoted extended family relationships, but also for weak patriotism. In the U.S., where individualism is so strong, many assume that “family values” and civic virtues such as sacrificing for the good of society always go together. But, in Islamic countries, loyalty to extended (as opposed to nuclear) families is often at war with loyalty to nation. Civic virtues, military effectiveness, and economic performance all suffer.

2. that such a circumstance exists ( and a possible remedy recommended below )

I have long advocated that in terrorist-related offences the right of the accused to remain silent during the trial (a right given to him under many if not most criminal justice systems, including our own) is often a refuge — an escape for the guilty: the accused, after engaging a prominent lawyer, sits back defying the prosecutor to prove every bit of his case beyond reasonable doubt; he will not assist the court. This is all wrong. The “right” to silence must give way, but only at the discretion of the trial court — in the larger interests of society and in the interest of the victims who are affected by dastardly criminal acts.

3. Nor this one :

India is that rare country where it seems to get harder to find a job the more educated you are. In the 2001 census, college graduates had higher unemployment — 17 percent — than middle or high school graduates.

4. that Shekhar Kapur had a website-blog.

5. that Age-based preferences not the same.

Imoso, the highest-ranking male in the Kanyawara community of Kibale National Park, Uganda, grooms Outamba, a middle-aged female. Male chimpanzees at Kanyawara consistently prefer the oldest females in their community as mating partners, suggesting that the preference that human men exhibit for youthful women is a recent evolutionary phenomenon.



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