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((hot and NOT smart) XOR (Smart and NOT hot )) OR ( smart and hot ) December 4, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in science.

Why are hot, smart, brown girls likely over represented in the American population – something to do with the Indian Caste system ? Why is the popular stereotype of looks and brains being independent least likely to be true in the Indian case ?

But, hypothetically, imagine a population that is already highly stratified by IQ / social status and has been for at least roughly 1000-2000 years. And imagine in this population, the males are at least or more likely than elsewhere to select red-hot trophy wives rather than intellectual equals (again, initially, say beginning 1000 or so years ago). This would tend to produce an even stronger correlation between good looks and smarts on the (sub-)population level. The first assumption is met by the South Asian caste system (though history scholars can correct my time estimate), and the second is met by any geographical area that’s wracked by pathogens, such as the Subcontinent.

Thus, the outcome of 50-100 generations of brainy, high-status males snatching up the prettiest girls in the area (where the looks of most are defiled by bugs) seems to be a (sub-)population where the common stereotype of the independence of looks & brains no longer holds. If you’re looking for a girl who’s both hot and smart, upper caste South Asians aren’t a bad bet.

I have cautioned this before – description is not prescription – this is not an endorsement of the caste system, nor unexpected virtues thereof.

Linked from GNXP – thanks to Natasha whose blog roll lead me to GNXP.



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