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Spouse, child labor and intelligence December 1, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in life, science.

Sometime back I asked :

What is more commendable – going through a gruelling PhD program with the emotional and moral support of a spouse and joy of fatherhood/motherhood while still bearing the huge responsibility of having a family ? Or is it quite the other extreme – being that lonely, single, struggling, stressed-but-responsible-only-for-yourself warrior ?

Now someone who has been-there-done-that has a perspective albeit on a slightly related topic.

Many entrepreneurs I know say that they could not have done it without a supportive spouse. The same goes for people who are successful in established business. Your choice of spouse is, first of all, a choice! It is the most important decision you will make, and involves a lot of risk. If it is the right choice, the returns will be extraordinary.

Actually, thats Arnold Kling quoting Carl J. Schramm.


Oh yeah, here Deepak heeded to my request ( or it was just a co-incidence !) by putting up a post. ( whose contents we will end up debate until eternity 🙂 ).

What I am doing this weekend or when I find time to whichever is likelier.(I know which one is. )

– Watch these amazing videos and blog about them.

– Just picked up this book I talked about here. Daniel Gilbert’s Stumbling over happiness. In this context I must mention something really interesting. I dont know if you have heard of this guy called Dr. V.S. Ramachandran. ( I linked to him before). Anyway, here is something from him :

98% of people surveyed (representative survey mind you!) considered themselves above average in intelligence.

Thats how we are I guess, it keeps us feeling good about ourselves.

I guess the statistic for percentage of people who consider themselves optimists would be in the same range. The two numbers then might be have something to do with each other.



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