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Commanding heights November 30, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in general, humor.

There have been a few occasions when this was possible – with two of either Sadiq/Rajaram/Ashith/Prakash on either side ( and myself in the middle), similarities abound. Next time its possible, will get one.

[ Click for larger version ]

Ofcourse, the similarities have to stop somewhere. The left most guy George Stigler and Milton Friedman (middle) are Nobel Prize winning economists and the right most is John Galbraith, an ambassador to India, also an economist.

Linked from here. Here is the ‘actual’ trivia about the picture.

I was probably the last person to go out to lunch with Milton. We met at his favorite restaurant in San Francisco, where I showed him a picture of him standing next to John Kenneth Galbraith, the premier Keynesian and welfare statist of the 20th century. Galbraith towered over the diminutive Friedman. Beneath the picture was a funny line by George Stigler: “All great economists are tall. There are two exceptions: John Kenneth Galbraith and Milton Friedman.” Milton was so pleased with the photo and caption that he sent it to all his friends only two weeks before his passing.

(The phrase ‘commanding heights’ in the post title is a really really remote pun on Galbraith/Pandit Nehru)

Update : Sadiq adds that at our Golden Jubilee high school reunion in 2031, we will get one such picture !

“Minus the Nobel Prizes”, I was quick to add. 😉



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