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Band of brothers November 27, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in india, sport.

This kind of candor is remarkable. Thats Ian Chappel on great cricketers ( and the not so great cricketers ).

As a captain, the guys who kept me awake at night were guys like Sobers, Graeme Pollock and Viv Richards–a guy who could get a big score and get it quickly. Guys like Geoffrey Boycott couldn’t keep me awake at night, in fact he put me to sleep during the day. I figured that if he got 150 he took so long that it made our chances of saving the game much better. Another reason why I don’t classify Geoffrey Boycott as great was that he was a selfish bastard; he never played for the team, he always played for himself. I heard Bill Lawry call him a great batsman one day, and I said to Bill as he came off the field, “that’s rubbish Bill, he wasn’t a great player”. He hemmed and hawed and I said, “Bill, Gary Sobers averaged bloody 58 and he played every second for the game of cricket and not for himself. Boycott played every single second of his career as a batsman for himself and he averaged only 47. What are you talking?”

His brother Greg is doing well too.

Following the 157-run defeat at Kingsmead, there had been calls in parliament for Chappell to be sacked. When asked about such remarks, he said, tongue firmly in cheek, “They are entitled to make any comment they like. That’s what they are paid to do in parliament.”

And how the section of the Indian Public reacts in the state of West Bengal.

At Kalighat in the southern part of the city, around 30-35 members of `Cricket Lovers Association` raised slogans against the Australian coach saying he has insulted not only the Indian MPs but also the entire nation.

“The mps are people`s representatives. Insulting them is akin to insulting the Indian people,” they said, carrying aloft posters condemning Chappell. “Moreover, Chappell is an outsider, a foreigner. What right does he have to speak about the functioning of our parliamentary democracy,” they asked.

Since when did we start having so much respect for our ‘representatives’.



1. manjunath - November 28, 2006

Its really disgusting man,
our MPs get time to discuss crcket in parliament while many serious issues are still unadressed.

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