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Readings from 1990s and a lone inspiration November 23, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in media, reminisces-1990s.

This is something completely trivial. I was in Class VIII, IX, X and XI then. An isolated memory from Manipal in the mid-1990s goes thus.

I would rush to pick up the newspapers- Indian Express and the Economic Times – when dad got home from work. And here is what I read.

Mondays : Investor’s guide in the Economic Times ( was crazy about the stock markets for a while in the 1990s ).

Tuesdays : La Creme de La Creme ( meaning “The Cream of the Cream” in French) in the Economic Times which contained mostly job classifieds. I remember wanting to see what jobs were there, what people who were looking to hire, where, the remuneration and other articles about the job market. I have no idea why I did this – I was in Class VIII-X then and now even 11 years later, I havent yet had my first job !!

Wednesdays : Brand Equity in the Economic Times and the Op-ed editorials from Mishirul Hassan in the Indian Express.

I have always found Hassan to be one of the best writers on Indian history. A Cambridge education professional historian, his commentaries on Indian political and social history have immensely contributed to my interest in this subject. Infact I remember no other columnist I read regularly by name. Yeah, its unlikely that any of the readers would know him or have known him from as early as 1990s for he is no celebrity scholar. Infact his claim to fame ( and controversy ) is opining that the Satanic Verses should not be banned on grounds of Freedom of Expression.

It was finding this article by him in the Outlook where he reviews Stanley Wolpert’s ( another India Expert ) book on the Indian partition that spurred me into writing this post. Over the years I have grown to disagree with some of his politics – but that really doesnt mean I have ceased to be enthralled by his commentaries. I guess some things never change. I looked online for archives of his articles from 90s but could not find any. I think reading some of these will likely bring back several states of mind from the 90s.

Thursday : Science and Technology section in the Economic Times

Friday : Corporate Dossier in the Economic Times meant reading stuff on Indian CEOs and happenings in the corporate scene – management gurus visiting India, some new socio-economic trend or some corporate party.

Sunday : Economic Times was great. So was Indian Express. I guess this is pretty much true today. In particular the ET had a special edition called Financial Times with mostly international content and corporate news, some columns with (or without) permission from Western Business dailies.



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