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And it had to happen ! November 23, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in littlerockers.

This is really hot news. A very real example of where technology is taking us.

Go here and then continue reading.

I know this is not something new, but in the context of Little Rock I think its the first.

Several months ago, a friend of mine warned me that our high school community in Orkut was discussing matters that would either embarass or enrage our school management and some of the teachers. While admitting that nothing much could be done about this, he suggested that we should do everything to ensure that the knowledge of existence of the community is not easily proliferated to folks among our parents’ and teachers’ generation. He pointed me to a problem this creates and I thought it was technically valid when he said:

the entry of the earlier generation on to orkut would spell disaster for all of us ( i’m not sure how diplomatically correct you are on orkut , but i def am not ) … the day one of the teachers or parents arrive on orkut , will probably the day i delete my profile ( for orkut would not serve me any purpose any more if i have to censor my own self and not be who i am) …how carefully guarded is our LRIS community ? even current students of LRIS are in there … and we have all said things that we would not like teachers/parents to read for our own individual reasons …

Although it was a point well taken, it was going to be hard, purely on practical grounds as most would agree and on moral grounds ( as many would not ).

I frankly dont know whether the kids posting in the community I linked to are aware of the possibilities of this being busted. I would think they are and given that they are infact current students I think that is very courageous on their part to put up non-anonymous posts on controversial matters. Some of these might be rumours, some not, but many skeletons from many cupboards will be out in the open. Its unfair to judge the actions of these kids from standards other than those applicable to teenagers – at the point in life these excitements are hard to contain.

My reply to my friend was more futuristic than warranted, for the future seems to have arrived a little too soon.

By the time our teacher’s kids grow up enter orkut to see stuff written about their moms and dads and then alumni become teachers at LRIS and our parents’ generations become active online through retirement etc, they are going to discover a treasure trove !!

A free for all – everybody knows everything that there is to know. I admit life would be so uninteresting then.

I sometimes imagine how the crush dynamics in high school would have been if there was email back then in 1990s – all anyone wanted was someone’s email ID ( has its own problems, I admit)- there would have been no need for middlemen and middlewomen, classroom chits and postal addresses. The only ones who stand to lose today are those who would otherwise be middlemen and middlewomen. This is what technology does almost anywhere and everywhere, why then should high-school crush dynamics be an exception.

Technology does something else – introduce checks and balances. Teachers at LittleRock would now be under scrutiny like never before from empowered students and the power of anonymous protest if not severely abused ( naive to imagine it wont) will make things interesting.



1. Sharath Rao - November 23, 2006

yeah, its abt patil sir.

i have been in touch with quite a few current lris students ( one of who sent me this invite !! – see my latest scraps ) and they all habitually refer to him as patel.

Did you read that “Benny Sir” thread in the community. I just went *$&#^@*# at whats happening.

2. Angelo - November 23, 2006

sharath, a very interesting post i must say. who is this benny sir? i didnt find references to him on that orkut page. yes if u hate someone atleast get his name right. its patil for … sake.

3. Aswin - November 23, 2006

You being *the* biggest liaison b/w the students and the LRIS teachers yet, I’m pretty sure that your link to the orkut group would most def accelerate the discovery of this group! 🙂

While I hope that students are aware of the possibility of discovery, it might be a good idea for you to address this on the LRIS orkut group?

4. Aswin - November 23, 2006


sorry i removed my first comment – didn’t want to explicitly name anyone

5. aquarianalien - November 26, 2006

I’m NOT sending my parents an orkut invite 🙂

6. Saroj Thakursarojthakur.wordpress.com - November 29, 2006

My Goodess! I never thought from this perspective! I have in my orkut group my students and two of my kids! How insensitive on my part! 🙂 A chance reading of your blog post has made me feel like enlightened Buddha!!!

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