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Where I shall spend my thanksgiving break November 22, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in CMU, general.

Warning : Its thankgiving time here – that means 5 days of holidays ( Tue-Sun).

Blogging, therefore, will be ..uuh…heavy !! ( hopefully )

[ The resolution of the photograph is so good that by clicking on it you can read the titles off the books in the book shelf. No kidding, go ahead and try it ! ]

Some action items for this break ( so that I can hold myself accountable on Monday ) in order of decreasing ( increasing ??) weirdness –

– Delete most mails in sent items folder of all my email accounts and sort out the rest into folders !!
– Clean up my desktop – both real and virtual.
– Archive selected items for posterity, disk cleanup and defrag computer. Empty recycle bin !
– Watch 2 movies – “Proof” and another one I dont know.
– Blog(v)
– Attend lunch at Sanjika’s.
– Code Hidden Markov Models assignment. ( HMMs are my favorite mathematical model )
– Catch up on research stuff ; do more on the Information Retrieval Project work.

Although I should admit that its logistical reasons more than anything else that prevent me from taking a break and getting out of Pittsburgh, turns out there is a word for people who prefer to be indoors during breaks.

Once, there was the social butterfly. Now, the Young Indian Spender on high adrenalin is forgoing the night out and curling up at home instead. Insperience is the new getaway. Pop psychologists have identified it as the ‘cocooning’ trend

[ That link appears broken at the moment]



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