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Dressing your doctor November 22, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in America, humor, sport.

Do you care how your doctor is dressed ?

Patients and colleagues may dismiss a young doctor’s skills and knowledge or feel their concerns aren’t being taken seriously when the doctor is dressed in a manner more suitable for the gym or a night on the town. There are also hygiene considerations: open-toed shoes don’t protect against the spills that commonly occur in patient care, and long, flowing hair can potentially carry harmful bacteria.

I havent particularly paid attention in the past probably because they werent awfully dressed anyway. Perhaps a case of negative reinforcement – if you get it right, nobody bothers ( or even appreciates ) but if you don’t, you are fried alive.

On a related note, I remember someone telling me that what we learnt in school about how a visit to the dentist is such a pain wasn’t quite true. He actually looked forward to visiting the dentist because she was apparently really really good-looking and asked me what would be a good way to ask her out. Turned out it was the right question asked to the wrong person because the treatment was soon over and while his tooth recovered, his heart took quite some time.



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