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Thats 28 feet November 18, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in humor.

…thats the distance between New York City and San Franciso.

Yeah, I know that you never knew that. [ Towards the second half of the video if you are in a particular hurry ]. More on behavior at Liberty University. My high school was more liberal than that !!

Why is the question always – Do you believe in God, why not do you believe in atheism ? Very interesting debate about God and Science here at the Time Magazine.

My belief in atheism is perhaps the only major aspect of my world-view that hasnt changed direction. My ideas of education, my people, my country, State-citizen relationship, aging, children, recreation, friendship, freedom, love, sex have all evolved ( and will continue to) and in many cases even undergone a dramatic change. Atheism though has stood steadfast and only further gone along the same direction since 1994.

Something more from Newsweek.

Some 30 scientists—one of the greatest collections of religious skeptics ever assembled in one place since Voltaire dined alone—examined faith from the evolutionary, neurological and philosophical points of view, and they concluded that some things only work if you do believe in them. Richard Dawkins, the British evolutionary biologist and author of the best-selling book “The God Delusion,” said he couldn’t have a spiritual experience even when he tried. After another panelist, neuroscientist V.S. Ramachandran of the University of California, San Diego, explained that temporal-lobe seizures of the brain create profound spiritual and out-of-body experiences, Dawkins disclosed that he had participated in an experiment that was supposed to mimic such seizures—and even then he didn’t feel a thing.

Dawkins obviously feels this loss is a small price to pay for freedom from superstition. But even physicist Steven Weinberg, a Nobel laureate and an outspoken atheist, acknowledged that science is a poor substitute for the role religion plays in most peoples’ lives. It’s hard, he said, to live in a world in which one’s highest emotions can be understood in biochemical and evolutionary terms, rather than a gift from God. Instead of the big, comforting certainties promoted by religion, science can offer only “a lot of little truths” and the austere pleasures of intellectual honesty. Much as Weinberg would like to see civilization emerge from the tyranny of religion, when it happens, “I think we will miss it, like a crazy old aunt who tells lies and causes us all kinds of trouble, but was beautiful once and was with us a long time.”

I couldnt agree more.

If we agree that the question of God and religion is one of the greatest unanswered questions of all times and one that is central to everything else in our life, then something else follows. If there are 2 group of people who believe in either of diametrically opposite hypotheses that far reaching implications on several other aspects of their life, then they must essentially be different kinds of people – so different that studying their brains might help.

And this is the first chapter from Dawkin’s latest book – The God delusion.



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