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Funniest thing I heard today November 17, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in humor.

Jane Galt, the Economist reporter and one of the authors of one of the most popular economics blog is moving to DC for a short-term assignment and is looking for a car. And so she writes :

I’m therefore looking for someone who:

a) wants to rent, for the short term, their car to someone who drives like a grandmother and has never been in an accident. Seriously. Ask anyone who’s ever driven with me; they will tell you long tales of my maddening caution

b) (more likely) sell me a piece of crap that will run for six months. I don’t care what it looks like as long as it is reliable, gets more than four miles a gallon, and fits my legs. It has to cost less than $3500, that being the cost of a long term rental from Avis.

To which one of the responses was :

Welcome to the neighborhood.Have you considered stealing a car? It is quite a popular option here.

Indeed a funny take on the crime rate in DC. On a related note, I wonder how Washington DC can be the murder capital of the United States. Is it a pun I wonder.

I have a lot more to write on Jane, but another day. For now I will just say I am surprised at the standards she has set for the car – 4 miles a gallon.



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