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why oh why is this happening to my country November 12, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in india, rant.

Another Indian holy cow, says the Indian Express.

Aswin has a wonderful post here – which I urge you guys to participate in. I am heading there in a while. But if you read this, it appears that his estimate on the price of human life was rather high !

How to win elections in India – easy, just use the US foreign policy as a plank.

When in the UK, do as Indians do. I have seen this happening in one of the labs here in Carnegie Mellon that has an unusually large number of Desis.

An assignment takes me to the Indian embassy located on a grand structure close to the arty Covent Garden. And you are made to feel right at home, ’cos despite being located in a first world nation, the organisation and services are as third world as can be. The same chaos, same bureaucracy, same untidiness, same passing-of-the-buck that goes on back home. Nehru’s proud bust in the foyer is the official smoking zone, and R. Venkataraman peers through the coat-hangers. Sure, we know presidents are pieces of antique furniture in India, but do we have to advertise that on foreign shores?

As as aside, at the same site I like this tongue-in-cheek remark ( in the context of London ofcourse )

Being a quid-challenged backpacker (a bad word these days), I have no choice but to shack up with a B&B lady. For the benefit of the more affluent, B&B stands for Bed and Breakfast, though I think they should call them C&SL outlets—Cornflakes and Shared Loos.



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