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Old things with new eyes November 12, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in ideas.

Graphs and plots in general and a time series in particular, to me a thing of beauty ( the other thing is a probability distribution/histogram). In simple terms, a time series is just a plot where we are looking at how “things” change with time and probability distribution is something that tells you what “thing” is more likelier than what other “thing”. The “things” maybe as broadly as it pleases you.

Here is a lovely example of “a visual representation of air traffic in the United States over the course of the day, using FAA data.”

As Russel Robert says :

Each flight is represented as an animated path of light between the departure city and the destination city. The visual image that results is an illuminated map of the United States. The borders of the country emerge and then cities even though no boundary or city is shown explicitly. The animation also evolves over time. At first, you see only darkness. Then the East Coast becomes illuminated and the light moves west as the sun rises across the country. Then Hawaii is lit up with planes going and leaving there. And at the end of the day, the last red-eye flights head westward from California.

If you like that, you might want to see more such and similar ones here.

Other examples of some amazing visualizations of data – here and here.



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