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Shoaib’s resume & Sachin’s human touch November 5, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in sport.

Shoaib Akhtar is an exciting cricketer – no doubt about that. If he is in form, is enthused as he would be if playing India, its great to watch simply because you dont know what to expect – whether the pace will rattle the stumps , perhaps the first ball or floor the player again and again.

Although he has given cricketers so much excitement on the field, alas, this resume still is something hard to be proud of.

Sachin may won the battle against Warne, but consistently loses out to Mcgrath. So does Lara unfortunately – somebody out there should be able to consistently do better.

And this by the way reminds you that when it comes to losing his cool, getting back at someone, Sachin is no behind. If he tells you that he doesnt look at the bowler but only goes by the merit of the ball, he is mouthing platitudes.

Yeah, I thought there I kind of got a little carried away because at the other end… I was batting with Sehwag, and the seamers had bowled a wonderful spell, and basically that was the last Test match. Before, he had… in that entire series, he had bowled only over the wicket to me and I sort of said ‘Ok fine, if you are going to play around with my patience, I am going to play around with yours. Let’s see what happens’. I was absolutely in control but that particular match, Sehwag was, you know, playing a few big shots, I said ‘I am also going to try and play some big shots’. I think I was batting on 90. And I had started planning, I said, ‘let me hit one over extra cover and one over mid-on, and get close to 100, and you know, after that I am going to play some big shots.



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