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Anything more to know ? November 5, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in contemplation, life.

Natasha’s blog which I frequent (frequently!) has a few nice words up there.

I know its a poem, maybe she doesnt ( or perhaps she does ) expect me to take it literally. But think about it – if you were to describe to person A all the attributes of another unknown person B that Natasha says are not the only attributes that matters, A will still have a really really good idea about the person that B is !! ( books, significant relationships, failures, where u grew up, good/bad habits, overriding passions, job etc. etc. )

Yes, I agree that there will still be lots of ‘undescribables’ about people – there is nothing like knowing a person for a length of time. But undescribable doesnt mean undeterminable – many of those undescribables will already be determined by all the attributes Natasha has covered.

Besides, the extent to which we intend to know a person depends on at what level, for what duration we deal with her/him. To be fair to Natasha, she is probably talking about intimate people in one’s life, presumably what you need to know before you choose a spouse or so, in which case that would be more accurate.



1. aquarianalien - November 5, 2006

Interesting take Sharath!!! When I wrote those lines I meant precisely that people cannot make assumptions based on all those attributes listed …… I guess I was talking about the intangible stuff you mention later… all the above mentioned tangibles do play a part in influencing what you are inside.. but I believe that there is more to a person than man made categories, when I wrote this I was of a mindset that there are only certain parts of myself that I show to people ,or only certain attributes of myself that some people choose to see in me … this will not give an accurate representation of who I am … and this isn’t only for really deep life long relationships ..if acquaintances saw me as more than just the sum of these attributes. .I’d be grateful for it!!!!
Having said that , I have to admit that I may be guilty of analyzing people using only characteristics mentioned above .i.e guy/girl, black/white, etc etc

2. aquarianalien - November 5, 2006

P.S. I made it a point to mention all the generalisations people make that i could think of 🙂


3. abhaga - November 6, 2006

so much in one day ! Well, Have blogrolled you (somehow sounds like “roadrolled you” to me :-P)

4. Sharath Rao - November 6, 2006

yeah abhaya …took 3 hours off on a sunday to just blog !!

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