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Vengsarkar speaking his mind :) November 3, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in india, rant, sport.

I was pleasantly stunned (!) on reading what Dilip Vengsarkar said and I must congratulate him on that. Its probably the best thing he did since getting 3 centuries in each of the 3 tests at the Lords. 😉

We have talent in the country. There is no question about that. But there is no exceptional talent, which you can introduce into international cricket straightaway. We have the kind of talent that has to gain experience and exposure to the first-class level and the India ‘A’ level.

He later added :

“What I said should work as a motivational tool and players should prove me wrong,” the 50-year-old said. “Exceptional talent, not just talent, never hides, anywhere in the country.”

Note that he just clarified and didnt backtrack for which I congratulate him again. Its quite irritating when google returns 27000 odd results for “I was misquoted” but returns less than half the results for “I stand by my words” or “I stand by what I said earlier”. Get some spine people !

Besides, I think he has a point. I am no cricket historian and maybe Ramachandra Guha should answer this. I am curious to know if there ever has been an Indian cricketer who was picked into the Indian team at say 29-30 years of age who went on to do so well in the next 8-10 years that the entire country regretted that India lost 10 precious years.

In the same interview however, I found this question really amusing !! – “With the experience of 116 Tests, what do you bring to the selection committee?”

I know the reporter didnt mean sarcasm but somehow its just weird !!



1. Dennis Thomas - November 3, 2006

Thats true seeing the current Indian team, i think any school going kid can even make out this team is not capable of winning important matches. Now getting a replacement before World cup is just next too impossible and seeing the reserves BCCI have for the current team i think they should rather think how to win 2011 world cup and forget about this one.

2. Ashith - November 4, 2006

Talking about the media and way these media people behave, i have no doubt in my mind that Indian media is one of the most immature and “useless” media… They dont know what they report, they dont know what to ask in what situation.. only thing they know is to make a small thing as a big issue, creating hype and propaganda and increasing obssession to Gandhi famlily…
Indian media rightly deserves somethin like this,

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