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Living a dog’s life October 31, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in life.

I havent made a grand wish-list ever, but one of the things would be to actually inhabit a animal’s mind, and if I could choose that of my own dog back in India. ( Now that I find myself ( trying to find time to be ) reading this )

I dont understand what Baggy is upto, what he thinks, what he thinks of me and what he remembers. When I was in Manipal after 500 days in the United States, he took a close look at me for 10 seconds, and few sniffs later, he was in my arms, all the licking, biting, dancing and the usual stuff. He played and expected all tricks and games he wouldnt expect from any of the others ( dad/mom/bharath) at home. So he knows me but I would like to know what name he has for me 🙂 !

He also does have a reasonable idea of the world he inhabits and most importantly, he understands context. Now in this picture below, he is cosying up to Ashwin, my cousin who is visiting Manipal.

This is okay because Ashwin probably spent a few hours inside the house and Baggy considers that “well, if folks dont have a problem with him, maybe I shouldnt.” Tomorrow Ashwin walked into the house on his own, he would be Baggy’s breakfast. That Ashwin is an officer in the Indian Navy would be his last concern !

No matter how smart he thinks he is, this picture on the German subway will definitely give him a culture shock ! Link from here.

More on Baggy here and a video here.



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