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Political affiliations n all October 29, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in America, ideas.

I took this quiz recently linking from Mankiw chacha‘ s blog ( my very Indian way of referring to one of my favorite bloggers 😉 ). Here are my results. Not surprising at all.

Sharath Rao, Oct 2006

Two years ago when I first came to the United States, I found the same quiz on the door while waiting to meet a Carnegie Mellon professor. And that point, this is what my graph showed.

Sharath Rao, Aug 2004

I remember being a centrist and feeling happy about the result. I am now a libertarian and and am also happy about it !! ( This probably suggests that we are all different but happy nevertheless 😉 ). I sent the same quiz to Deepak Krishnan then and remember him getting back saying he found that he was centrist too. Today, I dont know what Deepak would be – although his blog says : ” I work in a capitalistic industry AND I have traces of communism inside me which I am trying to erase.” Here is wishing him success.

Sadiq just got here from India and I made him take the quiz. And that is his score.

Sadiq Sherieef, Oct 2006

Do these quizzes matter ? Or rather do these ideas matter ? Years ago when I read surveys in the American media of what percentage of people’s friendships involved those of an opposite political affiliation or how many couples/marriages involved spouses voting differently, I wondered if that was an overkill, typical overdoing of statistics and wasteful surveys.

Not any longer. Considering that one’s political and economic philosophies dont matter would be naive – well, if they dont matter what does then ? After all, these are reflections on our ideas of morals, rights and wrongs and the place of an individual in society and has a tremendous effet on how we raise kids. I personally think matching these could save quite a few marriages. ;). I dont know too much about astrology and so wont volunteer an opinion on it but on a lighter note, when Indian households compare horoscopes maybe this is what they are actually matching !!



1. Aswin - November 1, 2006

thanks for the link! turns out i’m a left leaning centrist.

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