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Waxing poetic October 26, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in CMU, humor, movies.

What do you call it when you are lying down on the bed, exhausted and lacking in sleep and when you get up in between, you feel as if one half of your body is heavier than the other and as a result, you are perpetually rotating about a rod passing through the center of gravity of your body. The perpetuity of this rotation means you keep rotating rather than settling down to an equilibrium position with the heavier side down. This perpetuity goes by the name of “graduate school” !

Or ofcourse you could just remove the rod which would cause you to fall and keep falling in the gravitational field of academia much like the moon is doomed to revolve around the Earth.

None of the above was any poetry (!) and since I over committed by the way of a lofty title(?), let me put in something that justifies the title. I leave you then with a haunting melody from the year 1959 ( an important year in history for those who care – Cuba/Tibet ). Some amazing lyrics from Sahir, music (SDBurman), great context/story, which appeals no matter what my state of mind, time of the day/month/year and picturized on the only favorite actor I ever had, or atleast the only one who has stood the test of time in terms of my appreciation.



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