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Pictures, data, songs October 22, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in CMU, ideas.

Took some time to summarize my India visit of Dec 2005. I know, I know, its coming after 10 months, but its just one for the record.

Sadiq is coming over this thursday and he might be around until Feb-March 2007. Thats going to be quite a change because I otherwise stay by myself, dont socialize too much and so under current circumstances, from 6 pm on one evening until 10 am the next morning, I am literally silent. The only sound in the room is of some music playing or some talk/video I am listening to online. Very often I dont speak too much even in the lab. My officemate Sameer’s schedules dont quite overlap and besides, when there is work to do, you arent speaking anyway.

So struck I was by this situation that I thought I should conduct some experiments like Berkeley psyhcology professor Seth Roberts and note down data on how many minutes a day I speak. ( that wont be possible, thanks to Sadiq :), thankfully actually ), By the way, Seth Roberts is a pioneer in self-experimentation. You must read more about him here.

As a separate experiment, I have just downloaded the key counter that will help me “Keeps a running tally of all your keystrokes and mouse clicks. Shows how many keystrokes and mouse clicks you have made today, yesterday, and overall.” I will put up some data here in 2 months I guess :).

As an update on the old songs post here, I was travelling in a bus with Indian students yesterday as a part of a Diwali trip. While a few undergraduate kids at the back of the bus were playing Antakshari, Abhaya and I were keeping track of the oldest song that would come up – to see how far back in history these guys would go. Assuming they were in the 1st- 2nd year, they were perhaps born around 1986-89. For a long time, most of the songs were from the post-2004 era !! Until finally somebody started 70s song – “Ek main aur ek tu, dono mile is tarah”, which I later confirmed was Khel Khel Main (1975) ! They sure had fun !



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