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Paisa ! Paisa ! October 18, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in humor, littlerockers.

An occasion for a good laugh today which I will express through the emails exchanged.

Nadeem :

Hi Sharath,

I have posted a cheque of $63 to the address mentioned below.
Confirm once you receive the cheque.

Sharath :

Paisa, Paisa …
Remember first scene of movie “Dil” – Anupam Kher dancing on the bed ??

– Sharath Rao

Nadeem :

haha this amount is not enough to rip your pillow off 🙂

Sharath :

LOL !! ROFL !! LOL !!

After claiming in my previous post that I wouldnt care if Bollywood closed down in 1985, its embarassing to note that just this morning I was quoting Anupam Kher from Dil, a movie made in 1989-90.

Now among statisticians and their ilk, there is some saying to the effect that when your model (bollywood closing down) and the real-world data ( the year I mentioned) disagree, change the model, not the data ! Hence I now assert that Bollywood closing down anytime after 1989 would make no difference to my Indian Cinema experience !



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