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Above influence October 14, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in ideas, life, reminisces-1990s.

This advertisement here speaks so much for me, that I was perhaps 10 years back. I have the transcript of the ad down here, but to watch the ad, you will have to go here and click on “Awakenings” ( mid-left coloumn)

Awakenings Ad Transcript

(Scene opens with individual teens doing various things. Teenage girl staring into mirror, teen boy turning in bed, teen boy standing in front of refrigerator, teen girl staring out window.)

There comes a point in you life when you realize,
You’re not a kid anymore.

(Clips of teens doing everyday things like brushing hair, getting dressed, and eating breakfast; All staring with concerned looks on their faces)

Suddenly, you have to make decisions.
You have to make choices everyday.
This is the time when you define yourself or you let others define you.

(Teens are now leaving their homes on their way to school. Their faces express confidence and decisiveness)

You quickly learn that there are two ways to go…
Under the influence or above the influence.
I am above the influence.

This ad ofcourse is about saying no to drugs, but when I say that it spoke for the 15 year old that I was, I am talking about its utility as being beyond just drugs, its about very forming one’s unique identity. This is something every teenager and young adult must watch. Some of the other ads up there are good too – particularly “transformations”, the one in the middle of the 3×3 matrix.

I talked about Ads before here. And several other ads reviewed here.



1. Anonymous - November 5, 2006

you can add the video right to the page, go to Youtube.com

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