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Evidence that the world is changing October 13, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in humor, ideas, life.

For the better ofcourse. Overheard at the NY conference :

Man to woman : Hey, how are you managing work ? Your daughter is just 2 years old right ? Do you have a baby-sitter ?

Woman : No, I have a husband !

If I do get married, I am going to give my wife more than just one chance to say that and also motivate by (gullible and liberal-minded) guy-friends to do the same. Will read good books, watch good movies, author good blog posts, catch up with other friends who are doing the same, let our kids play with each other, do everything we couldnt do because we didnt find time and let the kids do everything since they will soon not have the time to – growing up afterall is a busy occupation.

Ofcourse, none of the above is entirely serious ( nor entirely a joke). But to go one up the seriousness ladder, I wonder :

a) if there is a study of how kids turn out if they are bought by stay-at-home fathers who perhaps work from home. Or even kids who spend more time with their dads than their moms.

b) Given a bunch of kids who you can observe but not directly ask the question, can you ( or an expert in the area, assuming you arent one ) point out with any reasonable accuracy as to whether the kid grew up with his mom while dad worked ( maybe mom worked from home ) ? Or grew up with dad while mom worked ( maybe dad worked from home ) ? Or grew up with both dad and mom at work.

At a future date, reading this post my wife will wonder if she married a spineless wimp who imagined he would stay at home while she worked. My kids will think I planned them as subjects for my sociological experiments. I will think I should have deleted this post.



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