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That thing you wrote ! October 11, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in blogging.

Some time back in this post I alluded to how it would be to chance upon an old piece of writing that you haven’t read in years or perhaps never remembered you wrote. I said :

And why is it important at all to know what we once were like ? Deny how much ever you want but if somebody came to you and told you that she has a letter you wrote to her 15 years ago in Grade II, what wouldnt you give to take a look at it ? Even given that a 7 year old would hardly have had thoughts that would reach millions and change the world ?

When this ‘new piece of writing’ is an old blog that was discarded after a few posts, nothing like it.

I regularly do this : Sharath Rao i.e. frankly, these are vanity searches on google. It interests me to know what people can see ( typically page 1 and 2 ) if they are looking for me online. These can be prospective employers, old schoolmates and collegemates. My old homepage shows up on top and this blog on number 5. ( My goal is to get this blog on top. ) Its heartening to know that all one needs to contact me for any reason ( especially long lost classmates ) is an internet connection and a search engine. If that happens to be google, well, great.

Now, obviously there are several people who I share my name with, so links to the other guys appear as well. Now instead of searching for the name, should I have searched for my email ID, one would expect links more closely related to my name to show. ( since logically ones email ID is hopefully more unique. And that is exactly what happened when for no particular reason I happened to search for my email ID – an old discarded blog showed up.

So here it is. ( If you have a comment, please leave it on this post rather than on the older blog )



1. Aswin - October 13, 2006

I wonder why I never linked to my old website .. I visited it today and thought… hmmmm , not bad!


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