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Some sense of humor that ! October 10, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in America, humor.

Its been some serious/irony-drenched posts for quite a while. So here are links to some really funny readings.

“On why I would date an actuary” – my friend from Little Rock and now a London-based actuary Vineeta Rao might just be wishing that post was written by a male.

To the guy I gave the skull to – incredibly goofy-funny.

I can’t imagine how weird it must have been to have some woman run onto a train, shove a skull in your hand and tell you it’s yours. So I’m just writing this to let you know it wasn’t a voodoo ritual, an ominous mafia warning, a gang initiation, or a misguided attempt at getting to know you better. I truly thought you dropped your skull.

Now what did you do with it? I’m dying to know!

On automatic flushing toilets – Probably the funniest, this girl have an amazing sense of humor !
Prelude :

Dear only working toilet in women’s bathroom:

Hi. It’s me: the girl that visits you at least three times a day from 8am to 5pm. I try not to. I try to avoid you until I get home, but I can’t. That is why you and I need to talk. I’m sure you are aware of your little problem. Your sensor is messed up and decides to flush every 30 seconds whether my ass is sitting on you or not.

Fix my toilet and I will love you forever – Sorry about sticking to the toilet topic but this one is with graphics, where he says :

I can’t afford a plumber but let me just say that the toilet is turning neat shades of green now and I want to puke every time I walk by. The three year old does not understand to stop flushing!

What I have: well, I do get paid in two weeks, but I’ll die from gas fumes by then
a fax/copier laser thingie- one year old, world’s oldest treadmill



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