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Test of the litmus test October 8, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in blogging, life.

What might be an appropriate metaphor for a blog ? Would it be a personal diary left open on the table ? Or messages scribbled on the wall in a market square ? Letter to a close friend/lover ? Notes penned in a book locked in a double locker ? It ofcourse depends on the blog itself. I have contemplated on this blog before – on why people blog at all, and in particular a note on why I blog. This post is perhaps a continuation of that in that I dont disown what I wrote then, but perhaps add to it in view of some fresh perspectives from a few blogs I recently happened to visit.

A friend of mine recently wrote to me about his apprehensions about his parents reading his blog. That didnt quite bother me because I exercise a whole of restraint when I blog. My litmus test of whether something can go into this blog is more like – would this embarass me or comprise someone’s privacy if I were to narrate this to an audience consisting of everyone I know and an equal number of random people I dont and this whole thing be captured on video on multiple cameras ? The second maxim – when in doubt, dont.

I admit that the above restriction makes for a very boring blog. Ofcourse, there is no faking or misrepresentation and while I might not tell a lie, I might not reveal all there is either as long as the above requirement is not met. There may be a whole lot the reader can infer from what is put up here – my general dispositions, political/religious views, scientific temperament – and the reader who knows me can perhaps connect some of the dots better. This is true of most blogs except that the degree to which this holds is different. My threshold is only rather low.

I wonder if I must increase that just a bit.

My litmus test is being put to test now. You can blog about two categories of things – you can tell people things they dont possibly know, link to them, analyse and opine on them. Or you can tell people things they already know – nothing brilliant, not informative in their content, but things they relate to and like to read. At the end of it, they may not come out better informed, but feel-good. And ofcourse, you can find your own formula to mix the two varieties of posts. There is a whole lot about subjects untouched, perspectives undwelt that I write in my private communication, ( and pertient friends can concur on this ) some of them might likely seep into this blog in the near future.



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