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Madhubala’s gentle reminder October 8, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in contemplation, india.

A friend of mine in a jovial kind of banter sought to remind me, “Hey you, you remember that you are still an Indian” !

Ofcourse I am. Evidence – I prefer Madhubala in this Video rather than this one.( you might want to wait till 1:18 mins to see her face clearly). The difference – the presence of the bindi/dot in the first video versus the absence in the second. Why do I somehow feel infinitesimally more at home when the bindi is present ? I dont know.

Actually I know ! I dont think I want to get into a debate about how its mostly Hindu ladies wearing the Bindi/dot on the foreheads. So one might ask if I consider women of other religious denominations any less Indian ? Or someone prefering non-bindi women over bindi-ones is less Indian ? It might get worse – so do I discriminate against or find repulsive western white or Black women who also dont wear the dot ? No, I wont given into the tempatation of being drawn into a debate over this !

The point is simply this. Over 90% of my memories of seeing an Indian lady is with the Bindi. So while Madhubala’s bindi-less forehead by itself is not noticeable, watching the same fame within 10 seconds in the immediate next video with the Bindi, you tell yourself – wow, this is prettier/more at home/familiar-er !

Or for all you know, it wasnt about the Bindi at all. Maybe she was younger/older in one of the videos or maybe the setting, maybe one of the songs was more melodious or perhaps video quality is worse in one of them.

One is never sure. To irritate the reader a little more, Scottish Philosopher Hume went as far to believe that there is no such thing as cause and effect, its just perception. Nothing really is the cause of another.

I am not sure I understand that.



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