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Done with you Mr. Tharoor October 8, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in geo-politics, india, rant.

Just fed up of Shashi Tharoor. In the coloumn named after him, he has been repeated dealing with the same ideas – diversity, multi-lateralism and the usual fluff. I dont disagree except that it does not have to be there as often as he puts it up. Is he being paid to tell us things we already know, that are obvious and that are being emphasized day in and day out by all and sundry

His ideas reminds me of Nehru’s grandiloquent and utopic ideas. Tharoor might take the comparison with Nehru as a compliment ( has authored Nehru’s biography afterall ), but I wouldnt concur. Just few examples : here, here, here, here – thats one out of nearly 5 articles- the same theme. I am sure this man would be one of the most boring speakers to listen to for it appears he has already said everything he wants to say and now he is only going to repeat himself. Contrast him, for instance, to Ramachandra Guha !!

I remember reading his “The Great Indian Novel”, am glad that was library book. I would hate to spend money of 200 odd pages telling me just this – “Indian democracy/pluralism/tolerance is an example to the world”. So wouldnt really rate him highly as a writer either.

Lets have a man of action up there as the secretary general. Men of words should go back to their pens. (hmm, maybe myself included ). Besides, what afterall has the UN served us asks Shenoy.



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