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Who is this person October 4, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in CMU, humor.

Okay, this is funny :). A friend of mine sent me a few snaps of the pups at their house. When I emailed to ask what their names were, this is what I got in reply.

one is prince…The other one has no name…the two are always together..so call one and the other always comes along…

No name for the other one. Or is that a shared name or something. Poor pups, I now understand why the phrase “leading a dog’s life” must have originated :).

Lets make this interesting. What does this incident suggest about –

a) my friend’s area of work/study.
b) gender

and reasons behind your answers, if any. Clue : No, not a lady veterinarian ! Actually I am considering having these quizzes more often. Getting friends to guess things about each other. 🙂

In a totally unrelated incident, this is a mail that went around at work today sent by our office adminstrative assistant.

Hi Kids,

Lately I’ve noticed lots of coffee mugs and glasses accumulating on the formerly unoccupied table. Maybe you know something I don’t, because I have never seen a dish fairy in this office. Not only is it inconsiderate to use a glass/mug and not wash it afterwards, (there aren’t glasses/mugs for everyone here), it is also Unsanitary. I know not everyone is guilty so I’m sorry for the accusatory tone. Tomorrow I’m going to wash dishes. After I do that, I know I’m got going to see any more dried out dirty mugs/water glasses around the lab.

I like this deadpan humor, but then kids will be kids. Dish fairies will be (illusions of) dish fairies, however. Sadly so.



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