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She’s got the look ! September 24, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in KREC, reminisces-1990s.

Ofcourse, you probably note the changes in the format and the look of this blog. Blogger has brought out an improved version of its blogger tool ( the one this blog is hosted on). Apart from being fast and other flexible layout facilities, we can have labels/tags attached to the posts – ironically something that should ideally be the first thing a blogging tool must have. (Google is over-rated 🙂 ). To the left corner of this page, the labels attached to my posts are being added. It will take me a while to go back to each of the 99 posts and add labels to them.

Do you like the way the blog looks ?

That question reminds me of one of the quotations I read years ago – precisely in November 1996 :

You may not like the way I look. But I look the way I am like. Now would you like to know me, or like me to know that you only like me for my looks ? – Brock Tully

There were several such from him that I found in my school library at Little Rock. Brock Tully had this knack of playing with words and often putting quite a lot of meaning in them. His little quotes would probably have a significantly small no. of words to no. of unique words ratio !

Those were days when I maintained a diary where I noted down quotations from sources I came across, often I went after these sources only to look for quotations in them. In over 6 years starting Jan 1996, I wrote these quotations in 2 diary books, taking care to write only what I understood, ones I agreed with and those that appealed to me in some way.

One of the major sources was the “points to ponder” section of the Readers’ Digest. I am reminded of days when I frequented Haseena Traders – the “gujri shop” in the Udupi City busstand where old copies of the Readers’ Digest were available for Rs. 2. With a fixed budget I would ensure that I buy only copies that had a “points to ponder” section – which was generally one-third of those. Nehru memorial library, a local library was another source of RDs – especially ones from the 1970s and early 80s.

At college in Suratkal, one of my batchmates – Basavraj – who was also pretty much into this quotations ‘business’ borrowed my diaries and made electronic copies of them – i.e. literally typed out every single of the 1300 odd quotations. Thanks to Basavaraj, you may download them here.



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