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India and the world, through the centuries September 20, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in economics, india.

This graph from the comments section of Prof. Mankiw’s post here is quite interesting. I have seen static numbers before but never quite the change from as far back at 1 A.D.

It is quite clear where India ( blue line ) started losing out – we lost out on the European renaissance (starting 1500 A.D.) , colonialism ( starting 1700 A.D. ) triggered off a downward slide that went on till 1973. If you think about it, right from 1000 A.D., i.e. in the last 1000 years, for the first time, India appears to be gaining ground ( baring that brief period in 1600-1700 (Akbar-Jehangir-Shahjahan-Aurangzeb) ).

How about 50 years from now – where will the relative positions be ? Anybody taking the bait !

(Something appears to be totally wrong about Japan in that graph though 😦 )



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