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Known unknown to known known September 12, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in blogging, general.

A really pleasant surprise arrived in the form of a mail from a reader. Lets call her Reena. She says :

Your writing skills are too good, i felt refreshed after i read a few notes on your blog. It juz made me feel gud & continue with my boring job of reviewing. Its feels gr8 when i browse thro ur blog, in midst of my work. I have to make my job interesting or else i wont be able to continue working šŸ™‚ Learning is important in any field.

I think its one of the best compliments I have received in a long time. The part about how reading the blog actually helps her feel good and make her job interesting in addition to knowledge dissemination was really satisfying to know.

Reena is an example of a known unknown, if I let Donald Rumsfeld speak for me ! I understand that the blog is afterall in the public domain and therefore there are people who are reading it. That is known, their identity though is unknown. Therefore, the known unknowns. Then there are ofcourse known knowns – others who I know why happen to visit more often and a select few that I know who make it a point to visit. There are unknown knowns too – people who I know, who are online often, perhaps read blogs but I dont know if they do read this blog. And finally, the unknown unknowns – entities that I am unaware of who read blogs. Aliens, intelligent animals/machines. Do they exist ? Well, unlikely, but unknown !

If Reena is reading this I apologize for unnecesarily dissecting what was afterall a simple sincere compliment. I should just have said its great to know so and that its comments like these that keep bloggers blogging !

And welcome, you are now a known known, no longer a known unknown !



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