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Your thoughts ? September 10, 2006

Posted by Sharath Rao in economics, india.

In an interview at a B-school, my friend was asked – “What is the effect of the golden quadrilateral on the trucking industry in India ? “

What do you think ?

I do not have any data to back up any of the 3 possible claims – unaffected, grows, dwindles. Just have an opinion, thats all.



1. Deepak Krishnan - September 15, 2006

well, GQ or no GQ, the trucking industry will grow considering the number of industries that are coming up. The issue that needs to be addressed, is fuel wastage at traffic junctions because of jams caused due to overcrowding and pathetic road conditions. Primarily what i observed is that most of these jams are caused due to trucks and huge tourist buses trying to fit into (and succeeding) the small roads within the cities which lead to other highways. case in point is the route i take from bandra kurla complex to reach home in chembur. I stay near the eastern express highway. Now, in order to reach this highway, there r all sorts of vehicles along the dharavi-sion-chembur route.
In this regard, i feel the GQ project will ease the pressure on the roads within the cities rather than being a single largest contributor to the growth of the trucking industry. But, as you say, no supporting numbers!!!!

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